Mahuffer's aka Sloppy John's
The Fun Pub In Indian Shores, Florida
where it's always party time!
I love ya manI love ya man
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19201 Gulf Blvd.
Indian Shores
FL 33785

Tel.: 727 596-0226
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Tumbleweed Ted!
At Mahuffer's aka Sloppy John's
in Indian Shores, Florida

Tumbleweed Ted at Mahuffer's in Indian Shores, Florida
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A true Entertainer!

Tumbleweed Ted's CD "Riske' Business"

If you have seen Tumbleweed Ted before,
we don't need to say anymore!
We know you will be here, LOL.
But if you have never heard him before
you are in for a real fun time,
make sure you wear comfortable pants,
cause your belly will burst from
too much laughter.

He plays the guitar with his hands,
the harmonica with his mouth,
the base with one foot and
the cymbal with the other foot.
And his face stays straight
while you roll on the floor. He is a

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Here are a few song titles
so you can get in the spirit:

I wish we'd gone Dutch,

Big Bubba,

Kiss a Pig,

Dick and Jane,

Those are the Gays my Friend,

It's so hard to say I Love you
(when you're sitting on my face),

This just ain't your Day,

The Rodeo Song,

All the Girls are turning Dyke,

The Auctioneer,

White Man's Blues,

The Ballad of Tammy Faye,

The Ballad of John Wayne Bobbitt,

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Among other things like the blues,
Ted also does Jimmy Buffett songs,

(I think he does them better than Jimmy)
even so Jimmy Buffett doesn't do
Ted's songs. Oh well, maybe someday.
He currently has two CD's on the market,
and as he says, he has sold well under a million. And the profits go to a good cause:
He is building a home for retired musicians
and runaway teenage girls!
I can't say anymore, just BE HERE!!!

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Every Friday and Saturday,
8 PM till
& Sunday
5 PM till 9 PM
November through May

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Tell your Friends and Neighbors, bring them along, cause they'd
like to have a good time too!!

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   Send Ted an email if you are interested
in his CD's at

Tumbleweed Ted's
m-009.gif (1746 bytes) CD's:

Tumbleweed Ted's CD "Riske' Business"           • Riske' Business  

Tumbleweed Ted's CD "Get a Laff"        • Get a Laff

$10.00 each or both for $15.00

Click here to hear Tumbleweed Ted's
"Get a Laff" CD

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Tumbleweed Ted in action at Mahuffer's!!


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